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Globe LTE Unlimited Data Plan – Tested!

I am in awe tonight! Yes, indeed. I am actually here in my hometown in Tiaong Quezon (Cabatang) and since it’s a province and near the Mt. Banahaw, the network is so minimal. That was my problem before. When I was using a globe broadband, I hardly found a WDCMA signal on it. And couldn’t blog at all! I also needed to talk to my husband via skype but couldn’t do it because of low signal.

Well, I feel blessed now. With my new plan (Globe Best Ever Plan) unlimited data plan – P1799 I can use the internet limitless! I can turn on my mobile hot spot and connect my netbook. I am currently using my mobile data hotspot while I blog. No regret! Recommended to those who wish to have a Globe Plan. 😉

It is now 1:10 and I need to quickly write posts here. So please pardon me if I have misspelled or wrong grammar here, I seldom do proofreading kasi.

Till then,