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2 Kilos Lighter!

You don’t believe it but it’s true 8) I lost 2kls.. But not through jogging 🙁 I mentioned here that I weighed 50kgs – weighed in the newly-bought weighing scale for JD. Then I found out that I was actually 48, when we visited JD’s pedia last June 03. And to further confirm this, I again went to our company’s clinic and viola! confirmed 48! I was very happy knowing that I am not that heavy.

Although that is the case, I still continue my goal of shedding some pounds. I am still on the jogging mode, badminton and brisk walking;) and when JD gets a little older I want to do biking with her, parking it at the thule bike rack when we get tired, isn’t it sweet 🙂

Yes, and hayyy… I hope I achieve my goal…. I am really determined, much determined in achieving my dreams and ambitions in life….. God be with me please. Ooopss not with shedding some weight but with achieving my dreams… (0


Till then,