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The Voice…

The initial episode of The Voice? I did not miss it! I tried to stay awake while waiting for my habibi and watched the first airing of The Voice. And it was then that I realized, hmmm, so it’s like that, the voice coaches are facing backward from the The Voicers and should they were amazed with the voice, they will turn their seats facing the performer! With buzz! Saying, hey I want you in my team! Voice coaches are Lea Salonga, Apl de Ap, Sarah Geronimo and Bamboo – those are our great talents, be in acapella or with instrument.

I love to watch singing competition like this, I am one of them! duh! *wink wink*, I just wish 🙂

The reason why I want the voice is, I was hoping that I can see Catherine Loria auditions, not sure when. I’ve read from one of her fb posts the words The Voice and I surmised she joined in. Whether it’s true, I wish her luck and hopefully she wins the hearts of the voice coaches….

I want not to miss THE VOICE!

Till then,