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Zalora One More Time!

Because I was zatisfied with Zalora’s service the first time I purchased last…..last….. last…. dem…. I cannot remember when it was! All i remember is, it was last year. Back then, the goods were delivered to me the next day after I processed the online purchase. See – that is how they were good at and it created me an impression to keep shopping from them.

So last May, I visited Zalora’s website again and browsed some shoes. I have a fetish for it I should say, and after browsing, I decided to purchase again – and since I also had fund in paypal to use as payment. Oh I love what I was seeing – wedges! I checked out the black 4 inches wedge – (will post photo soon – forgot the brand too) , it was on sale. the original price was at nearly Php2k and I got it for only Php800+ (less also the 400+ fund I left at Zalora).

The delivery took 3 days, longer than I expected. I followed up Zalora to ask what happened. And I was told that they attempted to deliver the item the next day I purchased, but because I was our having lunch, I wasn’t able to answer the call from receptionist. Per Zalora, the item was not delivered because I wasn’t available then, and it is their new policy to not hand the item to others but the person who purhase only, (my first purchase was received by the HR) according to them there were cases that the items were lost and they were shunning it to happen again.

So the shoes arrived! I was informed by the guard – he approached me in my post and told me aloud (with my colleagues hearing it) that I have a delivery from Zalora ( was shy X_X ). I hastily went to the 7thF and got the item from the courier man. I peeked at it for a while and kept. At home, that was the time I wore it, it perfectly suits me, very comfortable and soft although it is 4inch high! It also is not hard to walk while wearing it. I love it! It seems it is a shoes with best insoles here so love wearing it in office – be it in business or cassual attire.

Although the delivery took long, and over the weekend, I still am satisfied with Zalora’s service. I have fund from paypal I can buy again tehee.. *_* (but my husband doesn’t allow me anymore 🙁

Till then,