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Ilocos Tour Part 1: Baluarte

At 3am of April 20, we departed from Mexico Pampanga heading the north part of the Philippines, Ilocos. I was with my husband’s relative, bringing of course for a first time long long trip – our one year old daughter. And because the tour had been two months over, I cannot remember now how long our trip was. Roughly 6 hours perhaps because we had our lunch at Baluarte ni Singson.

Yeap you read it right, we first touched Baluarte ni Singson, in commom term, a zoo. Open to public no entrance fee. We only paid for a place where we had our lunch, for 200 pesos I surmise, it was a shack do not expect here for royal teak lounge chair.

It was really hot that it can burn your skin. But that was endured, I let JD enjoyed the place. Without any reaction yet haha except when she saw a horse….. She pointed at it so I took her a picture.

The best way to tell a story is to show pictures! So let the pictures tour you around Baluarte ni Singson.

Till then,