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Ilocos Part 3: Paoay Church

3rd destination was Paoay Church. When we stopped for some rest, I was astonished seeing the bell tower of century old church. I took a shot and my husband’s cousin noticed me, he told me “ate mas maganda sa harapan”. I thought we’re not going in front, just there at the restroom. So after I heard him, I hastily went in front ahead of others and took my chance to take pictures. First few pictures taken were with JD, I had her as my model.

After photo shoot, I went inside and was again amazed because it was that old. The chairs, priests place, choirs seats and other furnitures, and so it was like the church loves furnitures and fixtures, they were symbols of how old the church is.

As the leaflet says, Paoay Church was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993. It is renowned for its unique earthquake baroque architecture.

As we were having our group pictures,  some of the church’s assistant told us something about the church’s history. Perhaps they are choir too, spending hours in the church huh.

Here are some pictures, enjoy!

Till then,