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Ilocos Part 4: The Thrilling and Extreme Experience at Sand Dunes

As I write this post, I can sing in awe, I can shout and let the world hear my nice voice singing (uhuhuhu!). This was an unforgettable experience, a fulfilling one that lets your heart as if popped out. I can sing in happiness and would like to do it again and again. If you suggest me to have excellent guitar ‘will defnitely do! Really! Will hone my hidden talent though 😉

Thanks to my cousins in law for being familiar with the Northern part of the country, they know where to go, it was their th times perhaps.

One of the most liked parts of the tour was at Sand Dunes. The sun was starting to set when we got there,  we took the chance to take sunset photos.  As we did this, people from the Sand Dunes were selling the 4×4 ride, I forgot how much the ride originally priced, but we had it at 100 per head for….how many minutes? I forgot.

I wanted to bring our baby in haha, but it wasn’t allowed of course, too dangerous as the ride will be bumpy with many ups and downs. So my husband and I and the oldies took the ride. The thrilling ride! The whole tour was full of yells hollers and bruises afterwards 🙂 but ’twas very very fun. My heart popped out in nervousness. If I’d be asked if I want to have it again, I will definitely say YES!

According to the leaflet I have here, the Ilocos sand dunes is an 85 sq km land formation unique in Southeast Asia and a popular spot for 4×4 and ATV. For thrill seekers, sandboarding is a must. Best time for 4×4 will be early in the morning or late in the afternoon – so we had it at the best time.

Till then,