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Globe: Long Talk Quick Response

Choose the best; globe, smart, sun?

I must say globe. I am subscriber eh haha. Kidding aside, honestly I can say that as far as my experience is concern, I choose globe among its competitors. I had experience using smart, and. I can vouch that I had difficulty with network connection, that is when I am in Tiaong Quezon. With Globe, although it’s edge I can still connect and able to talk via skype or wechat with my husband and brother, and even able to blog using the unlidata.

I recently had issue with Globe, and honestly, it caused half of my day and I was pissed. My accounting job did help me settling the issue, the issue is about my billing, overbilled double double. I already had long conversation with one of Globe’s customer service representatives long that it was almost an hour, then hanged, without any idea whether the issue will be settled or not. The next day I decided to discuss the issue with Globe’s branch, communicated in person. Prior to visiting, I already did a calculation, reconciling my accounts, so I can compare to whatever computations Globe has. I was able to be accommodated after an hour again, thanks because I saw from the monitor (she lets me see my account, the complete transaction) that there already is an adjustment.  Sighed.. Relieved… I really could’nt afford and accept that I am billed Php7.7k.

Thank you Globe and thumbs up! Last Monday, I received my adjusted billing via email and would like it be a web2print job!  Albeit you kept me waiting for almost 2 hours, it was paid off. Big thanks! Just a request, please improve your hotline’s customer service ha.. 😉

Till then,