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I Don’t Want to be Addict….

I am far behind my officemates with this. I can’t relate to them every time they were talking about ticket, life and ccs. I shrugged and told myself I wouldn’t be addicted when time comes that I can play it.

The first night I got my phone, one of the applications that I installed was this game where everyone in society gets addicted to, the candy crush saga (which I spelled as candy crash before). I was wrong with my first thought that I won’t be addicted, opposite happens. Although I am far behind my friends I still continue playing candy crush saga.

Why then I decided to install and play this app? I found it boring at first, no challenge and it was so easy. But then eventually, I lost lives, and never connect it with facebook, not until I can’t surpass level 36 wherein I need to ask my facebook friends to help me unlock the level, and I need to connect with facebook. As much as I wanted not to connect with, I still did because I want to level up. So I was able to connect and asked my friends to help me unlock.

And the play continues. Every time I went out of lives I asked my friends to send me so I can crash the candy. That game made me wide awake at 3 am the most, am I addicted now? And guess what level I’m in now, LEVEL 65!!!!! And I find it hard to clear those jellies, need some mixer lift….sigh….

Why people are addicted with it? I have proven though that it is not an easy game it is very challenging. This game makes use of your mind, what combination you are going to select, hotdog, candy, lemon flower? If you have them 5 viola, bomb! 4 combination, wrapped candy! When you have these beside stripes YEssSs…. Points points or level up!

Not only this will make you think, it will also regale during your idle and boring time. I advise you not to hook with it so you won’t be addicted.

Till then,