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Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles

I am actually will be blogging about the bus competition in south bound area of the Philippines. Let me first share my enjoyment as I currently watch Tiktik by Dingdong Dantes and Lovie Poe with Joey Marquez and Janice de Belen. A movie 1 or 2 years ago? The first time I saw this was when we Were travellin back to Pampanga  by Genesis bus. We were not able to finish the movie since the travel took only an hour. And now I have a chance, the movie has ended right at this moment and I enjoyed it. Mixed emotions, kaba was there as the aswang kept on fighting for the loss of their clan. And keep on coming as the member died. Now I can continue to write, I can’t do it kasi kanina while I’m watching. I dont want to miss any scene. Aside from kaba, I was also moved by Lovie. That’s one thing a mother can’t avert to feel, my emotions flew and tears fell as I attentively watched the last part when the baby was on the hand of Roi Vinzon. And motherly instinct, anyone would not want to harm their child nor want to be on hands of aswang, so Lovie held and grasped salt with her 2 hands and threw up going to Roi Vinzon’ s way where he already looked like a winged fox. And the salt landed on the body of Roi thus making him burnt a little and lost baby. This was the scene wherr my tears fell, the baby was falling from air in slow motion while Lovie ran for her to catch, and she did. While Dingdong got a chance to smash Roi with buntot pagi and cut Roi half causing his death. So there were no aswang anymore, Dingdong Lovie Joey and the other 2 Fely (character’s name) and a boy were able to fight them all. Janice andnLovie’s cousin’s Bary died.

Buti na lng mahaba haba byahe from Pasay to Tiaong, 3 hours ha. And I was able to finish and enjoy the movie. Kung sa sinehan ko siguro to napanood whew mas thrilled suspensed amd kicking my feet again perhaps. Good movie and great job for the actors! Kahit yung mga aswang geeat job! The effects were nice too. Salute to all the people behind Tiktik….

And now I am at Alaminos Laguna, Ara Arieda’s place – the 2013 Bb Pilipinas Ms Universe who will compete on December of this year… Good luck! Bring home the crown!

As i wait for the network connection to come back I think this post becomes longer than I expected. I cannot proofread it as of yet, please pardon misspelled words as this is posted by Samsung Galaxy S4 while on the bus 😉 enjoying my unlidata plan! Sulit! Thank you Globe!

And the signal is back, i will now publish this and try to post Tiktik poster when I have time.

Till then,