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Blogging: An Option of a WFHM

I am in the midst of thinking to be beside my daughter all the time, to teach her everything to be her first teacher. When jd  isn’t born yet, I thought I wouldn’t stop working because I will feel boring and my education will be a waste.

All of these abates and I am starting to think of resigning and be a full time mom. I wanted jd’s bright future but how can it be when I am at home waiting for hubby’s remittance? I don’t want him to take all the responsibility of earning a living for us…I want to help him at the same time be beside our daughter.

As jd grows older there are many things I want. But choosing to stay at home comes first. And ting! I can still earn while doing that….Thanks to blogging, it is my best option to earn, work from home… No bosses, no attires to fit, no computers to see numbers just my personal ones even playbook or my samsung galaxy s4 which I am using right now.

Work from home, nice to hear. You can do what you want, home cleaning, watching tv with your daughter filling your samsung rb195acpn refrigerator, cooking, gardening and all those mom’s work at home, full time! Plus BLoGGING and earn from it!

Till then,