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Dinner Time at Sunset Barbeque Sofitel

At last, after a month of waiting I can now enjoy the fruit of my labor writing something about my mother – read here “The 2nd Place Winner of Best Mom Letter”. The prize expires today and I had discussion with crews here at Sofitel just to claim the prize. According to them the voucher is for a buffet dinner. Eventually they allowed me to use it with ala carte dinner, the voucher’s worth is Php4,148 for two persons. Thanks for the kind crew who assists us.


I am with Eunice, yes currently we are having dinner and enjoying yummy foodies. Bulalo 750 rib eye 1500 some bread veggies mango cheese cake and ice cream. I wish I have it with inay unfortunately she is too far for a dinner. I will just share her something.

 photo 20130725_200829_zps5fa2007b.jpg

 photo 20130725_204254_LLS_zps0df6ce6c.jpg

 photo 20130725_205535_zps26fb6098.jpg
This is a mother’s day prize. I will enjoy it for you..

Till then,