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Kath Loria – 33rd Dangal ng Bayan Awardee

I so admire this singer, and proud of course. A very humble and God-fearing individual. I have posted articles about her here in my blog many times. And I keep on reiterating that we got her yes to sing on our wedding (without pay ^_^). That is why I am with no doubt writing anything about her, nitty gritty and basta anything.

The time has come for her that she was again recognized, that her talent who represented the Philippines was recognized by Dangal ng Bayan – Proudly Pinoy Entertainment Awards as an OUTSTANDING YOUNG FEMALE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMER,  (remember she was a GRAND CHAMPION PERFORMER OF THE WORLD at WCOPA lang naman last 2008, I only watched her on you tube, and her performance was great, no need to have Bigsby her voice sufficed!). The award is in recognition of her excellence in the fields of Arts/Entertainment worthy of emulation of the rest of citizenry towards nation-building given last July 21st 2013 (grabbed from the certificate she received).

Here are the photos with permission to post from Kat Loria (thanks Kath for allowing me to grab some of them.  

Katch Plaque and Certificate

 photo 2013-07-31035908_zps104a9afd.png

Kath receiving the awart with Herman Moreno and (i don’t know the other one)

 photo 2013-07-31035836_zpsbb6d0ffa.png

Kath with her Inay

 photo 2013-07-31035731_zps1cf29161.png

Kath – Julia Monte’s look-a-like ^_^

Kath na Kath the award. She deserves it. She’s been doing great on her craft, representing the country and making Filipinos proud. I wish her all the best and to have more and more gigs and gustings and be recognized or be permanent as a singer on TV. Wishing her more success! We your Kababayans are all behind you 😉 Cheers and God bless you more!

Till then,