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Not Reaping What I Sow

I burned eyebrows for 1 1/2 years attending an 8-9 hours class during Saturdays, and after completing 45 units and after 6 months of vacation from class I decided to take the written and oral comprehensive exam – these happened during my pre and post pregnancy. I took time to review 4 major subjects and luckily I was able to pass them and took the oral comprehensive exam. This is my MBA degree – and with all the toils and efforts I marched, graduated and received my diploma last April 2013.

All the things that I visualized prior to getting an MBA do not materialize yet, I am not reaping what I sow yet. I am not saying I regret it, I am proud to say that I am an MBA holder. This will be an additional advantage, not now but maybe later, hopefully. I do not regret it that I even want to take some course and certification like CMA (Certified Management Accountant, this would need P50k PHP) or sociology degree online. Yes, I am very eager to learn more if only I can this time, without sacrificing my family and job.

But before doing so – I would want to reap first what I sow with my MBA. I did a research oh, actually browsed about how would you apply MBA. Nothing found that relates here in the Philippines – I stopped at 3 page of google search. I read 2, from, and the only thing that MBA was used is on a PROMOTION or getting a higher position, like what mentioned, moving up from Senior Systems Engineer to a Program Manager position in Xerox Corporation (my employer!) and eventually after 2 years joined in a smaller company and soon was EVP of a $30M biomedical products firm. Isn’t this a good motivation to have an MBA, that it is a proof that MBA really helps a thriving person to be in a higher position? That’s my purpose though, my ambition, the fruit I want to harvest. And is not happening yet.

I’m still, and how would I use my MBA anyway if I’m stucked here without doing anything? I need to move faster, AHEAD, I need to take steps and action, I need to establish a career plan and develop careeer vision and timeline. I must! Please be motivated DHINA to do this 😉 so that you will reap what you sow.

Till then,