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Featuring A Blogger Friend – Journey of an Ordinary Queen

Hail to another newbie of the blogsphere, Ms. Q! And I am proud to be part of her blog, I mean part of establishing her blog, naks! Little did I know that my post about Blogging 101 somehow helped others in creating their own personal blog. To date, I helped 6-7 newbie, unfortunately some of them had expired (they bought their own domain and forgot to renew 🙁 ) However, I still am happy that I was able to help.

Let’s get back to Ms. Q. You can found inspirational, motivational and informative posts from this blog – Journey of an Ordinary Queen (disclose her name?), visit once and you shall do it again and again. A little something about Ms. Q, she was my classmate at PLM and most of the time groupmate in case analysis and other course grouping. A very humble, down to Earth person. I’ll give her all the positive traits – that’s Ms. Q.

I missed her – as she stopped schooling and entered into a more meaningful life….. And I must stop here, please do visit Ms. Q’s blog to get to know more about her.

Till then,