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Mi Ultimo Amnesia

They say that if you undergone any operation and been injected with anesthesia you would probably decline a memory. I think not only that is the cause, we are getting old each day we are reaching a level that memory is fully used, thus being oblivious sometimes.

I had a great memory in my young years. I was the school representative every time there were oration, declamation competition, imaging 2 to 3 yellow paper pages of piece being memorized? Amazing memory indeed! Besides to that, I also love to memorize theories so I can get good grades during periodical exams. I was young, with sharp memory.

Today is a big different, I am on my early 30’s and am starting to have poor memory. I went a breast operation last 1993, I gave birth to our first child on 2012, would that be enough evidence of declining memory? Do I need to have something to re-sharpen my memory, something for memory foam?

I was just exaggerating on the title, my ultimate amnesia? NO nothing yet and I do not want to experience it.

Before it happens read read read and use our mind, I think this will help us to bring back our good memory. Admit it, some of us must be stocked to where we are at now, doing nothing and depending on modern machines mobiles and gadgets. Can we again do what we were used to do before 20th century? We can!

Till then,