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What’s Your Definition of SUCCESS

A good question to ask. I remember a time when I asked advice from my former superior, I chose to asked her as I admire and look up to her. A humble manager or should I say one of the humble managers I ever had. Thank you for these kind of people that I bumped into my life. I seeked some advice as to how she gets to where she is now, which I tagged as SUCCESSFUL. When I asked her how she achieved those, she then asked me back “ano ba ang definition mo ng success?”

And then I realized yes we have different definition and perspective regarding success. She told me I am already successful. Am I? I don’t feel it.

Now how do I define success. For me you are successful when you achieve your dreams and goals in life. So then, being said, if you aim to become the President of the country and haven’t achieved it yet, then you are not successful yet. To be a businessman and you get it yes you are successful. But there are simple success as having to live a simple life with your family – being a plain housewife is considered as successful.

The meaning of success really depends on you.

What’s your definition of success now? Share your thoughts…

Till then,