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CSG TeamBUILDING at Gratchi’s Getaway Tagaytay

Wow, way too old. And as of this moment while on the bus, and due to some anesthesia that was injected to me before, I almost forgot the details about CSG teambuilding in Tagaytay last May 23, 2013 (I hope that this time I’m correct with the date, dito man lang wag ako mapahiya) haha.

I came from Pampanga and left the place at 430 am just to reach ACS and the bus service at 7am. Ayoko maiwan eh. I was able to be there on time when every one was already on the bus nehhh.. At least I was able to be there hehe.

This was the first teambuilding where all CSG teams under Ms. Ysa Delaguiron gathered together as one, there are GA and Billing team, 5 and 3 teams each respectively. We normally had different teambuilding for each GA and Billing team and because of budget constraint and to bring the camaraderie for these 8 teams, management decided to have the activity as one, after all we are all under one tower, and that’s CSG!

As a refresher, I would like to share the teambuilding we had (for the team I belong). Here they are:

  1. Calamba Laguna private resort
  2. Hongkong Disneyland
  3. Cebu
Ang dami haha. And after those, teambuildins were per GA team, 5 teams already. First was at Caliraya where I missed. I can see the fun and teamwork during that teambuilding, photos evidently show.
This is just a part 1 of tje teambuilding post, i think I need to dig into details as I had fun oh we had fun on that one day activity.
Pardon again some misspelled and wrong grammar here, I can’t proofread using this S4. Really thankful for this unit and for globe unlimited data plan, I can blog anywhere I go, just like now where I am on the bus getting dizzy as it stops whew.. The only problem with S4 is the battery, needs to charge charge and charge. Now I only have 40%, before I left Pasay it was 100%, I had it charged for 6 hours last night. I played candy crush that made battery consumption even faster plus the mobile data I always am using and this blogging that I currently am doing.
Ia getting nearer to my destination so I end this post here. Thank you for bumping and till my next post. God bless all of us 🙂 😉
Till then,