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Bonchon, A New Place for Us

Thank you McDonalds, KFC, Yoshinoya, 7 11, BK, Army Navy for being so close to us when we are starving. You served us well however we’re so immune of the taste and cannot imagine to eat and eat again and and again.

Thank you for the entrepreneurial mind who decided to build Bonchon near us, few meters away. Aside from being so near, this fast food chain is also neat. Nice ambiance! The red and white ambiance looks so enticing and inviting you to dine in.

Like any normal fast food chain, menus are hanged up in a monitor mount clearly. Aggravating your want to eat inside. Crispy chicken, shrimp, wow Bonchon has it. How about beef, yes it has.

And for a simple lunch, as we were confused where to eat, Bonchon answered and satisfied our confused mind. Here is our team inside.

 photo IMG_20130809_122732_zpsa3572dd0.jpg

Having fun while waiting for the foods to serve 😀 

Till then,