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Have You Been to Malacañang of the North?

On our way back to Pampanga from our Ilocos exploration, we visited Malacañang of the North – the Marcos’ mansion. There was Php30 entrance fee, not much.

 photo 2013-08-14230647_zps240bdc4e.png

An old model mansion and would probably one of the most expensive during its time or generation. As you enter, you will be amazed by the hanging old chandelier of course there was no swarovski chandeliers online available yet, the Marcos’ is made of I think glass. There are numerous antiques and furnitures. Old family photos are hanging on the walls. We took the chance to see the rooms of the siblings and Ferdinand Marcos’ office. The office showcases his achievements and legacy, it is a highly stricted are though, and we were not allowed to sit (perhaps those might be ruined due to old age).

One also of the places that amazed me was the area for Imelda Marcos, it showed how beautiful Imelda was in her young age.

There is so much to tell, but it’s hard to cipher of you haven’t been there. So when your feet get itchy and plan to explore the north, don’t forget to see the Malacañang of the North and witness the historical spot as if you were born their age 😉

Till then,