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Jhaydii, the New Gingersnaps Model ^_^

Chos! Don’t take this seriously ^_^. I just wished Jhaydii will become one of the gingersnaps models.

I can’t remember what is my last post about jhaydii here in I Just Opine, it stopped when I decided to make a separate blog about pregnancy, baby amd parenting, this blog is Bloma… I Am Dhi Mama url the last post was about JD’s wonderful and solemn Christening. She’s 1 year then and turning 1 year 5 months on August 21. Imagine how outdated my motherhood blog.

So let this blog show you the new CHOS model of gingersnap. From 4 months to 1 year. (Pictures to follow)

 photo IMG_20130814_113634_zpsa1e552b4.jpg

 photo IMG_20130814_114954_zpsda42b734.jpg
 photo IMG_20130814_114045_zpsb74dd680.jpg

 photo IMG_20130814_113907_zps07804306.jpg

 photo IMG_20130814_114820_zps7730c000.jpg

 photo IMG_20130814_115403_zps030a82ef.jpg

 photo IMG_20130814_114930_zpse9409db4.jpg

 photo IMG_20130816_041207_zps37491621.jpg

 photo IMG_20130816_050623_zps70fe0eca.jpg

 photo IMG_20130814_115820_zps04f027ee.jpg

 photo IMG_20130815_120259_zps43f292be.jpg

 photo IMG_20130815_120432_zps6b5ea05b.jpg

 photo IMG_20130815_120550_zps2069757a.jpg

 photo IMG_20130816_041015_zpsf217a615.jpg

I wish talaga model na sya haha. I hope Gingersnaps hears me lol…

Till then,