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My Unexpected Weight Loss

I was actually determined to lose weight because I gained a lot due to pregnancy. I reached 125 pounds on my due month. And took me 6 months to shed excessive weights. I became 110 lbs (50kgs). It again went over when my husband was here for vacation. Foodies caused for getting heavier.

My goal was to shed 5 kilograms, that was last June. I want to be 45 kilograms again. Haha. I did jogging twice or thrice a month which also started on June and played badminton twice a month. It is for the XBSA inter league.

Two weeks ago, my sister-in-law noticed and told me that I am thinner, am I om a diet daw ba? Yes I am! But I wasn’t aware that I am already almost reaching my goal. I just shrugged. Until one Saturday during JD’s check up, I weighed and saw I was at 46. Huh? I used to weigh there every time we visit the clinic and always 50 (there was I think I was 55). Happy somehow bit confused. We have our weighing scale at home but it’s 2 kilograms higher than other weighing scale I used. During our APE I weighed 48 same with what the weighing scale in clinic showed but 50 at home. I prefer the former because it matches for all. Now at home, I am 48 in reality I am 46 yahoo! 1 more for goal…

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I go on a usual diet, no breakfast and dinner. I know it’s a crazy diet, but I make sure I am taking healthy lunch. Fortunately, I reside to a place where there’s no kitchen, making me lazier for food intake. That must be one of the reasons plus I do walking, jogging and playing badminton.

But I again opposed myself haha. I weighed 48 last July 15 and in no less than a month without jogging I lose 2? My room mate told me my waistline is smaller, then I came to realize the very reason of my unexpected weight loss, I remember July 24, I started to have lbm which lasted for a week (sabay kami ng baby ko). Blessing in disguise, lbm caused me to shed 2 kilograms.

So if you want to quickly loss weight eat anything that will cause you lbm haha. Kidding!

Till then,