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What You Can Do When Stressed

When we are stressed, we tend to lose focus on anything resulting to more conflicts and problems. Some of you might be mature enough to handle stress and take it as a dot. But for an individual like me, I sometimes have difficulty dealing with stress. However, I find ways on how to overcome it. Here are my personal share on how to successfully deal with stress.

1. Sing your heart out loud. I often do this one, best way to turn away from big word STRESS. I don’t need fishman triple play at musicians friend just my mere voice, acapella. Just be sure to sing in moderation, not to disturb anyone. It can be annoying though when you sing mindlessly

2. Chitchat with your friends, it is very good outlet too. Talk about yourselves not about anybody who you dislike.

3. Eat and take a break. Eat all you can and handle with care.

4. Sigh sigh sigh and think of something positive, think of the blessings God gives you, preponderate om why you are stressed, mostly because of work. But our job or work is a blessing from Him so we need to shoo away stress.

5. Imagine and be inspired. Think of all your inspiration. They need you, you are important to them.

6. Walk. Try to take some minute from the one causing you stress. Walk whistle or sing.

7. Play game. Candy crush is in nowadays. It will challenge you and pass them.

8. Sleep. Let your mind rest.

9. Watch movie or tv. It may be costly bit will help you turn away stress.

10. Most of all, PRAY. Nothing is impossible with prayer. Ask His guidance. Let His will be done and always thank Him.

That’s my personal note. Share yours. I know you’re going through it too 🙂 STRESSED spells backward is DESSERTS so eat… 😀

Till then,