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Southborder Visited Prism Plaza

I should have surmised that we were going to lose our place at badminton. We’re consistently doing great and been ranked the first. We competed and fought but we’d lost yesternight beaten by white team. It was too hard to move on. How in the world it happened? Hay hayahay…

To turn away that pain and “shame”, we decided to watch Southborder at Prism Plaza 2Ecom Building Mall of Asia Complex. I am a Southborder fan, started when they had the Rainbow song. We took the chance of seeing them, listening to them, unwind for free. I mean being able to see Southborder without ticket is a way good chance though.

In order for us to take a good audience seat, we took orders from The Coffee Bean and Tea, two pasta two slices of cakes and drinks for 6 of us. We were at the place by 830 pm, and there were 2 bands prior to Southborder. At 930 they ruled the night.
 photo PhotoFancie2013_08_16_23_32_40_zps39d72be7.jpeg

 photo PhotoFancie2013_08_17_10_39_42_zpse0326896.jpeg

 photo 20130816_214216_zps114fc69c.jpg

 photo 20130816_214103_zps385c37c8.jpg

 photo 2013-08-17110235_zps67253c76.png

 photo 2013-08-17110145_zps87a2c84e.png

I honestly do not know their names except for Jay Durias. I really was a fan. When Vince walked his way to the audience, I waved to him and he smiled back. Still not satisfied, I went near him and shook his hand. Haha fan mode!

We had fan, we forgot our loss moment, we yelled we sang with them. They had 7 songs which lasted until past 10pm.

And because we were fans, we hastily went to them and had photos haha. They not only were so regaling, they were also accommodating, giving everyone a chance to have picture with them.

So that was our Southborder night.  

Till then,