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Weekdays Unwind at Prism Plaza

We found our love. We found a cheap outlet to release stress and recuperate from it even for only an hour. It started actually 2 weeks ago when my favorite band performed at 2 Ecom Prism Plaza (Mall of Asia Complex). Yey finally we were able to shed some weights (from work).

During weekdays, I think it’s MWF, there are different bands performing. I heard Princess, Juris, Mocha Girls, Teue Faith and Paolo Santos performed but only one was witnessed by my eyes and ears, my long time favorite Southborder.

If you are just minutes away from 2Ecom Building of Mall of Asia Complex, you may want to visit the place and be regaled by the bands/singers performance, either with or without hercules rmx2.

Your choice to order or not, but you will not get a nice seat. You may just want to peek if you are in a hurry. It’s your choice.

So forget heavy loads for a while and join us at Prism.

Till then,