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Joseph of The Voice UK

Just today, I was moved by the performance of a 22 year old Filipino in the Voice UK. I saw a friend’s post at fb and I got curious so I watched it.

Just like how The Voice PH happens, blind audition or performance or edition, and if you coaches will turn their seat in front of the performer indicating that she or he wants him or her in her or his team.

So Joseph, as the video clip shows, Tom Jones turnes his seat and (some other coaches) and fortunately je was chosen by Joseph to be his coach. The video shows the battle between him and the 2 divas, as according to Tom, Joseph is the perfect match that he can think of with the divas. So there is the battle, nice harmony great voice, and Tom cried.

It was a fantastic performance according to the coaches and Joseph was praised admired and chosen to be the winner on that battle, to move on to thr next level.

I too was also moved, you will too if you want to see it, Joseph did it great, not because of an 8-channel uhf handheld wireless microphone system but indeed because ojf his voice.

Till then,