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Charger Please

I was planning to take a nap while travelling by the bus from Tiaong Quezon to Pasay City. I had not much sleep and it will be hard for me to work tonight, sleepless -_-

Because of the movie on thw go, I find it hard to take a nap, kinda noisy. So here I am, I decided to blog instead even my S4 has only 40% battery life and will get even more less as I blog. So….charger please..

I remember Jam Liner, I saw that there is an outlet between the passengers’ seat, another innovation, especially nowadays that travellers make use of the gadget their entire trip, like me!

Not only does cellphone can be used in blogging (with wifi or unlimited data) it can also be used to regale the trippers by playing songs or music, on the go, no need to look for the p-bone at musician’s friend , any online radio stations or downloaded music will do. But I am not doing it anymore, I quit! Listening music with earphones made me slight deaf hehe… I blog instead and candy crash sometimes 😉

First was television (dvd cd)music or movies, then there was wifi, now charger on the go, on the bus. That’s what we call COMPETITION.

Till then,