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Gadget Time

I am not a techie, I am not fond of reading gadget reviews and knowing the dos and donts. Perhaps when I will be asked, what the features of this and that, I will just look at him blankly and shrug aha. Really innocent!

I am not bragging because it’s not right, just want to share that I now own a mobile phone that I think anyone is dreaming of *wink* No it’s not an apple product, not an iPhone that was once tagged by my friend as “pangkabuhayan” because of its expensive value. I own something that is pangmasa and common to all. A Samsung product. One of the latest I would say, Samsung S4. But hey there is new one coming the Samsung Galaxy Note 3!

My friend slash officemate inspired me to grab a unit of it. Not only that, this unit is also very useful to me. I got to blog whenever and wherever I am, always on the go! Bore at travel? S4 saves me to that, I blog and make use of the 3 hours trip. Yun nga lang, the battery diminishes so quickly. I think I am re-charging it all the time except during travel, no outlet 🙁

 photo PasayCity-20130520-04740_zps6fa0d15e.jpg

photos taken by blacberry 9300

 photo PasayCity-20130520-04739_zps437c90d2.jpg

This S4 comes with an unlimited data plan, that is why I could blog and am not bored when left alone. I can install different applications like viber, wechat, line, skype, yahoo messenger, facebook and any other messnger and social networking sites. Free of SMS now yehah! 😉 Now, how sure am I that this mobile phone is free from virus attack? I need some ESET renewal licenses for protection. I don’t want to weap someday :'(

Oh nga pala, guys please be informed that instant messaging applications being advertised isn’t really free, you need to have an internet connection (unlimited data plan or wifi) it costs something, not unlimited messaging and calls. Advertisement is misleading, it should not though that there is terms and conditions for free calls and messages. Yun lang 😉

Till then,