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Bloma I Am “Dhi” Mama

Hi guys, how are things doing? ASk me? Great! I am feeling great today and the past days? Maganda pala yung feeling satisfied and not expecting so much, yun bang let the water flows.

I had a great weekend spent with my daughter although was a bit vexed as she had an LBM, but despite that, she was so energized the whole time. I love spending quality time with our daughter.

Have you notice the title? It’s my motherhood blog, Bloma I Am “Dhi” Mama, kaso I can’t find time to update it pa. And have lots of things to post. I even forgot some. Now, how can I update it?

Meantime, let me share you a picture of baby Jhaydii when she was 1 year and 1 month old. This was taken at Paoay church.

JD at Paoay Church
1 Year and 1 Month Old JhayDii at Paoay Church

Actually, the thing I want to note in this picture is the watermark *wink*, cute! I mean cool 8:) awesome! It’s an application installed in my Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone. Now I can mark my photos with that watermark. So everytime I post them in my blog, they will know that those are mine! Yeah!

Till then,