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Goodbye Asus Eeepc Netbook – My Blogging Companion

I was so sad when I was not able to open my netbook last July. It had been my blogging companion for more than 4 years. I bought it at Target Mall Salt Lake City Utah last 2009 4th of July. A token for myself for giving an opportunity to send into a business training. That netbook was almost as old as my tenure in ACS but it bids goodbye first than me.

I didn’t use it for more than a month started when I got my samsung galaxy s4. Skype talking with my husband and blogging have been with my s4 and playbook, and so the netbook had been forgotten. I want to restore it but since it’s been used for years and almost over its depreciation life, it perhaps costs much, does the Iolo.com disk defragmenter help? Better to buy a new one.