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This is a post by Gi Samsung S4…

I need to begin with that so I can be understood on some typo error 😀 (defensive).

Yeah, iPhone? Na ah! I can’t even buy expensive phones and I cannot go with the trending Apple product. Even the OS7? HUH! Well Samsung also has several updates but it prefers to be as silent which only Samsung owners knew. Why do we need to tell the whole world anyway? Parang yung picture posted on fb, a man bellows ” hey this man already updates to OS7!” And no one even turns their head “see, no one cares!”, the man continues.

I am not mad hehe…. I just am amazed with the way Apple promotes its product, better than Samsung I think.

Oh by the way, have you tried the Cymera camera application of Samsung cellphones? I don’t know if iPhone has it, but this camera application is good! Taking pictures with blurred thing. I love it, since I am amazed with pictures on blurry background taken by dlsr.

Here are the samples of pictures taken by S4’s Cymera. 😉

 photo 2013-06-01232246pngdhina_wm_zps20326a8d.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20130603_081301dhina_wm_zps1ad803b1.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20130602_170715dhina_wm_zps91384cef.jpg

Aren’t they look good?

 Till then,

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