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How Can I Improve My Blog’s Page Rank?

My blog Mind Speaks has page rank 1, and I wonder why, as it is seldom and very much outdated. It also has less visitor than this I Just Opine. Would someone give me some easy to understand ways on how can I improve my page rank? Page rank of this blog – I Just Opine?

I wish I captured the time when this reached page rank 2! Then went down to 1, and now 0 as in Z E R O 🙁

Inpostlinks (one of the media of paid to post, but is now inactive) said, in order for a blog to gain high rank, it must be up to date – needs to post every day or at least weekly. I did it here, but way still too bad. I still gets zero page rank. As per my research, and as Google shares, blog needs to have several links or backlinks. I failed this one. I find it a waste of time (because I am working) to visit other blogs and bloghop! I rarely do this. Holding contest? It can be a good way of attracting readers, but that is if I have sponsors to shoulder the give aways. I am not like those active bloggers who are blessed to receive numerous products from various companies – part of their advertisement! So I think I failed here again. Joining online blog contest? I think I can say, I am somehow passable here as I joined in some of Nuffnang’s and Sunsilk contests. See my posts here in About Me, scroll down below to see the contests I tried to win wherein Sunsilk contest was the one I am proud of – Only Beautiful Hair from the New Best Ever Sunsilk Completes My Fashion Statement. I won an Apple ipod shuffle, see it here Sunsilk Expert – Touched Style Blog Contest – Awarding of Winners.

I now stopped joining contest, I lost any confidence and courage to join because I never win the major prizes haha! I should re-start and join again – for page rank purposes, kahit na hindi nananalo di ba? Joining helps me gain readership, because like me, bloggers visit other blogs who join the same contest they joined in – comparison ba ga. Cool right? 8:)

From now on – courage, please bear with me.

And please, if you are one of the experts on page rank, would you be unselfish enough to share your thoughts here? share your ideas, give us some tips! Thank you a lot lot in advance! 😉 May God bless you and all…..

Till then,

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