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Beware of Manyakis

It took almost an hour bago makaalis ang bus from Buendia to dela Rosa. Traffic! And the rain helps aggravate heavy traffic. Additionaly, some streets are closed due to the welcoming parade of Miss World 2013 Megan Young. Now, thanks, right at this moment, we are already along Paseo. Congestion on the other line indeed!

While on traffic a while ago, I watched videos from youtube about manyak sa bus, and the first video was with route Buendia to Lucena. Ang galing nga ng video eh, with subtitle pa so the audience would know what’s really happening. And oh my, this route is where I am always. I am going back and forth to Tiaong, made me decide, now I won’t go to sleep while on travel, mahirap na baka mamanyak. Well in fact I’d experienced it grrrr… sarap manapak! This video is about a pulis manyakis! Please do watch this video I shared, it tells the whole story. Ikalat na yan ng makilala ang pulis manyakis!

Watch “Manyak na Pulis sa Bus” on YouTube

Here is the screenshot of the pulis manyakis.

pulis manyakis

For girls, let us be cautious enough when beside men ans whome you suspect with motives. Be attentive and observant. Try not to sleep. ACTUALLY ngayon nga sitting beside me is a man who is sleeping, batalan ko to kapag umakto ng masama. So instead sleep, i do blog na lang. I jusr wish there is an outlet for charger here para naman hindi madischarge si gi.

Have a nice weekend nga pala ha. Take care all!

Till then,
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