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Hello Music, How Are You?

I forgot what it feels like listening to music. My ears went to being relaxed without music behind. I love songs, I love music, but seems its untrue, since I am not listening to it at all. In fact, I don’t know what are the latest songs now. Too bad for me to be left behind and knew only the 90’s songs haha.. Am I that old?

This happens when as you aged, some of the things you loved will abate eventually. I used to listen to music very loudly, I used to sleep with music and earphones on, I used to memorize lyrics, I used to digitally copy music from websites and burn it, not using exceptional cd printer, I cannot afford it. Back to to the time where I had the words, “I USED TO”, and now “I am not used to”.

Where all those music have gone, they left me. I chose not to listen anymore and spend most of my time with other things. I cannot concentrate working with music on, unlike others who are spending their 8 hour time with music (eith earphones). I got a bit deaf with that though, so I stopped!

Well, I must be thankful that once in my life, I had a good heart for music, will revert I believe 🙂 When I reach my dotage… 😉

Till then,

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