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Why Am I Poor?

Life evolves, it changes its phases according to where and what you are. Life depends on how you live yours, according to the style that suits you.

I started to work on my early 20’s year 2003. My first job was at Kanepackage (KPPI) in Science Park 2, receiving Php6,500 a month plus overtime. During that time, I received a lot because of excessive overtime. But I had no savings.

I left KPPI looking emaciated because of being overworked. I cannot avert the pressure meted on the job I had, I cannot take the tears to falling from my eyes because of pressure, did I do my job the wrong ways or was I just too young, weak and emotional for that kind of job?

Then I transferred to Rapid Forming Corporation, to Sara Lee Philippines to Nikkoshi Philippines and to Advantek, all are located inside the industrial zone. To curtail the long story, I’ve worked in provincial areas of Laguna and Batangas and spent my life there for 6 years. No savings 🙁

Why then?

As much as I wanted to save money that time and no matter how many bank accounts I opened and finally closed, I ended up zero bank balance. People, I have a very important reasom to that, I am the breadwinner of my family, I sent my 2 brothers in school and successfully received their certificates. Weren’t those enough to say as my savings? I was able to build a better home for us too, another savings right? Now I know why. 😉

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Let me share you my thought why some of us does not have enough money saved. Going back to my work where I was receiving less than 10k, I was okay buying and using secosana bag. I am satiated wearing penshoppe, bench clothes. I was happy using the Super brand of umbrella. I felt excited with my Nokia phone. I felt guilty everytime I ate burgers in Jollibee and McDonalds, those were the stingy, miser dhina yesteryears. I still am, but life of me changes as I earned more than I received then.

I don’t want to buy secosana bag, I want if Marithe…Girbaud na nga lang, I was happy to own my very first last 2005. I am even happier when I was able to buy Fibrella umbrella. I have them yearly. I have fetish for shoes, VNC the most. I want to wear Terranova clothes, Freeway, Shapes (but still miser because I look for discounted items).

I know some of you have the same case as mine. Lifestyle changes as the amount of money received increases. So how can we earn money then? DON’T BE AN IMPULSIVE BUYER.

I had a wrong way of handling money I admit it. Savings should come first on the list of expenses and whatever left should be use to spend on other expenditures.

I learned a lot from that equation. So from then on, I user to think of that. SAVE first and spend.

Tl then,
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