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You Yolanda!

November 8, 2013 was one of the most unforgettable days in the Philippines. Again, it marks the history. A very super typhoon struck the country and ruthlessly wiped, swept, swiped the Visayan region, leaving it like a ghost town. Thousands of lives have lost, billions of properties were wrecked, leaving survivors with nothing. This was a very very sad natural devastation, nobody could ever imagine this will happen to one of the 3rd world countries.

World has been called upon this, many countries lend their help to the Philippines, in monetary, in kind or through human help (medical etc.) It was very moving to know that countries are ready to give million worth of help to the Philippines.

But besides these help, the Philippines is in place of scrutiny, I mean the Philippine government due to the very slow-moving action to help the countrymen. People are begging for help, food water and shelter, but the help was far apart. Very unfortunate…

I hope there is no more Yolanda, I hope that there are no more people to die, no more thousands of people to lost lives, it’s very heart ripping.

Thank you to all the countries who unselfishly lend/lent their help to us, those were never be forgotten. Many THANKS!

Here in prayer..

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