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An Eye Test

Yes I bought new pair of eyeglasses in replacement of my 4 year old one. The new one is cheaper than the old one, but I prefer to look for another pair low cost glasses, stylish and not awkward to wear. I am not so comfortable with the new one, although it’s tested to be clearer where the old of course got so unclear 🙁


blackberry shot

me and baby jhaydii wearing my old eyeglasses. photo taken by blackberry


samsung s4 shot

with my new eyeglasses. photo taken by samsung s4

And di ba, the new one seems not fit to me. I thought it looked good, but I was wrong. I both got them from Executive Optical MOA branch. Need to change again lol (my husband might get mad at me if I will buy another one). Meanwhile, I love the vision – it perfectly gives me and shows me the beauty of the world! Clear as in 20/20. 😛

Till then,

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