Back to elementary days 😉 I had a passion in music, I felt I had a good singing voice then haha. But was disappointed that I wasn’t chosed to sing any song huhu. But was lucky to be picked to compete every Liggo ng Wika – comepete for talumpati. My voice was very well-trained in yelling and modulating. Yay I won there huh!

We had a school activity before, it was a group of a band, there were for bandoria, guitar and the other one (I forgot). I was at guitar, not the one from ddj-sx case at guitar center but my father’s guitar, sometimes was out of tune haha. I learned only a few. It was hard to strum with tiny fingers, I harly reached the strings 🙁 Sadly, our trainor died, and the band stopped there.

Now I feel the passion with playing guitar. I hope I continued it and self-learned. It’s too late for me now. I need to just watch others play and song instead 😉

Till then,

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