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Few days ago, I thought of stopping to blog since I hardly find ttime to keep this I Just Opine updated. I RAN OUT OF IDEAS, I cannot think of valuable or inspirational topics to discuss. I gain less audience, I have zero page rank 🙁 . I feel uninspired of blogging 🙁 .

Until one day, as I logged in one of my sources of online income, I saw the stars lined up,  yey guys! I need to force myself to get inspired! 😀 I need to find ways to have topics to write, ANYTHING! Stars there mean tasks or assignments to complete so I could get $$$. And if I always write, this online source will give me more tasks and more $$$.

Are you interested?  The main source of my online income is none other than the payu2blog site! It earns the reputation because it gives me tasks and pays on time.. I used my earnings to study my MBA, I  used it to purchase online – from Zalora dear.

Enough reason to continue blogging right? So forget the word UNBLOGGING now..

Till then,

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