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Happy 11th Working Anniversary

Whew! I can’t believe that I am that old 😀 Time wanes so fast indeed, guys I just had my 11th working anniversary exactly on this day – January 13. Imagine how much tax I paid to the government and got stolen by greedy and ruthless ehem, you know what I mean.

Going back yesteryears…. I was so innocent about what goes on around those manufacturing and other industries.  I was eager to find a work after graduation. But then fate was so aloof that I did not find right away, only until the year leaped to 2003 ( I graduated 2002). Thankfully on the date considered as unlucky, I was hired.  The first job I wouldn’t forget.  The story began in Kanepackage and the rest was history.

Now I am writing and sharing what I had yore. .. and I want you to be somehow inspired and learn from this website ( I hope I do). Let this blog of mine tell something about how I cope with life and strive to make a better living. Read more on About page of this blog so you would know what I mean.

Hayst… I just can’t believe really. Now I have my own family, a loving supporting husband and a beautiful smart daughter.  Who wouldn’t want to celebrate life? Life that is full of blessing and inspiration.


Be inspired!  Be blessed!

Dream your dreams then do your best. Never stop and never rest, until those dreams are yours…

Till then,

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