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At Last

My heart’s pumping with this movie. Wow.. I almost cry :'( At last it will be over in minutes. The hostage Captain Shane was released after those… and im crying now as Captain Shane is being interviewed after the hostage taking. The captain cried and it was very moving. It just makes my heart touched when a man cries, I was crying too. Hearing other passengers sniffing too. I am not alone hehe..

Sigh…sigh… sigh… this movie depicts that seamen’s lives are at risks. And it just conveys also that we are not sure if the place we’re living in is safe. No matter where you go, there’s alwaya evil.

Now another movie. And I’m hearing the music behind, with used alto sax at wwbw, I hope this next movie will not bring me to tears. I can’t focus on this post.  I will update and correct anything wrong.

Till then