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Securing 2014 NBI Clearance

Year 2011 when I last secured my NBI clearance. I was pregnant then, but sad to say, there was no priority lane for us. I went to Robinsons Ermita at 4am, and to was astonished to see the long lines. I still chanced that I could get a clearance that day, so I waited until the mall opened. I was given a number, and started to process my application. It was for a renewal and change of surname, and so for me to have a valid ID to be used to claim my SSS maternity benefit. It took a long hours before I could have my NBI.

This year’s renewal is tough. There were no satellite offices anymore, making it harder to get one. 

Just today, my brother went to Robinsons Ermita, he went there at 2am and he was number 9, (we visited the mall at night 10:30, showed to my brother how to get there and there were already 3 women waiting – from Cagayan).  According to my brother they were given number at 7am, then advised to return at the mall opening hour, there was no Trail Camera Reviews that could check the queu, just the number given. Fortunately, my brother went there very early, he had his clearance before lunch time.

According to the news, there was a system change that is why it is difficult to get NBI clearance now. And to help ease this, NBI now has the online application, ready to use starting January 24th. But you still need to go to the nearest NBI office releasing for the biometric and payment.

And so the epitome, don’t quit your jobs yet, it will be harder for you to get an NBI clearance 😉

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