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Real Success Comes From Real People..

Nice one.. 🙂

These were the words uttered by one of the male singing groups who recently arrived here in the country to do concert, the Lettermen. The group had guested in PDA and taught a bit about singing, and likewise gave sort of advice. Admittedly, they are great, they have a great singing voice and rendition of the song, (sorry i forgot the title). Bugoy had also a chance to sing a song before them.

As they were about to go and their wee performance inside the house had ended, they vociferated these words…”Real success comes from real people”, and this had caught my sleepy mind during that night. I told my housemate Renee, “Ganda!!” (beautiful!)it’s true.

No matter what you dwell in your life, how you venture into anything you just wanted to vent, if you are not sincere and true to these endeavors, surely, success will not be in your hands. Success comes to those who are indeed honest, toilsome and real, no dupes involved in performing the tasks, no pejorative and sporadic acts along and no chicanery cohorts. Success is all about our clean and pure intention of executing all our deeds.

Seeing our idols and those who are successful ones, we definitely know that they reached the stage where they are now because of being toilsome, plus discipline plus the mettle to take the risk plus dreaming their dreams and turning these dreams into reality plus the clean and pure intention of fulfilling these dreams and executing the tasks accordingly. Step by step, these are the very fundamentals of becoming a real successful person.

By the way, success is not only measured by the achievements we have had and how lucrative we are, but it is also measured by the fulfillment in our very ownselves, the happiness we feel each and every time and the way we deal and rise up with our flaws and blunders. Additionally, success will absolutely be in our hands if we always pray, so pray a lot.

Hope i somehow eke some wee inspiration  to you guys.

‘Till next time!

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