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at Prism for the 2nd Time

***this post is written via samsung s4 mobile, pardon the typo error***

Because of our busy working days, because we were having npt enough break time together anymore (with friends and co team members at work) we altogether decided to unwind last night. Just few meters away from the office, at Two Ecom!  We are at One Ecom anyway. At 9pm, we left our posts and headed our way to the Prism Plaza.

There was already a group of man, around 7 persons, singing before the audience.  There were few people though unlike when Southborder was the guest band. But albeit that, we still enjoyed the band because they were good onyx 1220i at musicians friend.

We had our dood ordered at Coffee Bean same as before. Had our 2 variants of pasta, 3 slices of cake, one big sandwich and drinks for each of the 9 of us.

We somehow achieved our goal of unwinding with the co team members. And I am sure we will return here for the 3rd and nth time 😉

Till then,

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