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Back when I was a child, we had less, we were destitute.  My father was a carpenter but had no permanent organization to work for. He worked on a contract basis. My mother earned a little from making butterfly (export product made of stockings). But albeit that, we were happy, we were at peace, we love each other. Albeit still, since I am the eldest, I etched to my mind that I will help my family uplift from destitute to average condition. I saw how hard it was to have nothing.  I know how it felt to eat the ccheapest rice with rock salt and water as viands. And I experienced welcoming new year doing nothing but sleeping.

Those became my inspiration of dreaming and aiming high. Those inspired me to persevere and work harder.

All the toils paid off, I am able to help my family then and now. I prayed a lot, hoping that He’d grant my dream, and He always did…and does. I step by step achieved my dreams, at the right time. Not right away, it took time. But as like what they say, SUCCESS COMES TO THOSE WHO PATIENTLY WAIT. 😉 If we did not get it, it’s not the right time yet, it’s not for ypu yet, there is much better awaiting, and you have to patiently wait and religiously work for it.

Back when I was a child, and back to my school days, I was always secretly crying, given our situation (oh friends I am almost teary now), and I am still crying but for a different reason. I am crying because God did and do not leave me, He hears me always.  I cry because I am fulfilled helping my family.

It’s advantageous to be born from a poor family,  it makes a child inspired to succeed.

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