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Believing You Can

There’s always a way if you believe. You will have it if you believe.

I have this now – DREAM! BELIEVE! ACHIEVE!

In everything we do, we must put our heart into it. We must be religiously working towards it, no laying down, no asa, no “come what may”, always say, I can and I am doing it!

And now, as a couple, it’s normal to dream of acquiring big and valuable to family. Me and my husband are dreaming to build a home of our own, from our own efforts, a dreamhouse that will be built according to what looks good on us, built that are heavy duty so when mother nature visits (I hope not) we will be embraced by our home securely.

And we both are believing we can do it together, we can have it together! A home that will be built with pure love. And I hope that will be soon 😉 We’re praying X_X

Till then,

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