The BEst Place Called HOME….


I am happy to repost this, after 3 years or so, I was able to make a difference in our lives, and now, I can say that I am happier and fulfilled. With love and care around me. Keep the dreams rolling and achieve them all 😉

28 years, this year long, 28 years full of sacrifices, being able to lived in our home built and made with wooden materials. It was almost wrecked, stood still in storms, typhoons and earthquakes. We knew, our home had survived it because of strong family ties, strong foundation of love that we have. We had so many momentous experiences and moments that are truly worth relishing and reminiscing. The four corners, the nook of this best place had heard our laughters, hollers in time of disputes, our sharing of what happened within the day, our cries when we were being berated, this home had witnessed them all.


Though she looks unlovely to the eyes of many, and might even be judged our way of living, we did not mind it. What we thought then was we live fairly and happily. I even brought many of my friends here, took slumber with, elementary, secondary, college days and even my officemates, I brought them home last year.

All this have ended, what remains are the moments with our old house, we ended her difficulty of keeping us safe, she was almost standing slant, vouched that she endureed all those 28 years. Though she’s gone now, she will still remain in our mind and in our heart, that inspite of being made of wood, she had created and molded a very lovely family and that she had sheltered us very safely. Thank you very much!

Till then,

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