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End of January 2014

***this post is written through Samsung S4,  pardon the typo error * *

Kung hei fat choi! And the Chinese now is celebrating and welcoming the year 2014. A little late than usual huh?

Hello blogging world! Time to write again and still my mind hasn’t recuperated yet from a week of night work due to month end closing. But as usual, I need to keep this blog of mine updated. So after thousands of posts, I already ran out and trying my best to write anything.

I always say I wanted to be a singer, I am a number one fan of anyone who has a great voice. Singing at their best with great electro-harmonix. You can tell it that a person has a talemt in singing, in just humming of a song and wow, she has it. Gusto ko yun, gusto ko ako.din 😉

So now, how would I have it. Im old and never get trained to sing well like I wanted. But it’s okay, I can sing with a tune although no vibration. .. haha.. yun lang pala…

So I end this again because im going to pay my fare.

Till then,

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