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***this post is written through Samsung S4,  pardon the typo error***

We are lucky to work in a company where it cares much to its employees,  (naks). We are fortunate that we are employed in a generous company. Ahem. No, the thing I want to say is, our company is located near Mall of Asia, and we’re fortunate that just some steps away, there is this Prism Plaza where the bands played and you have a chance to unwind. Sometimes there are famous bands playing, we’ve seen Southborder, Mocha girls, and the like, they play during occassionally. Other guest bands are the infamous but play anf sing well with cymbag drums & percussion at guitar center. That is why we keep on returning and unwind after the stressful days. It’s time also for us to bond as a team.

So if anyone of you is working or visiting Mall of Asia, try to visit the Prism Plaza every Tuesday Thursday and Friday as bands are there. Time to relax.

Till then,

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