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Vhong Navugvog

It’s been a week and the whole country is somewhat focused on the mauling that happened to Vhong Navarro. It was really a shocking one as we know Vhong kept his image to be good comedian, a good entertainer, a dancer and perhaps a little singer in him singing with voicelive 2 (best to be a dancer na lang).

I also am one of those who became curious as what really had happened. I watched videos where Vhong revealed who did the ruthless attack to him, he named Deniece Cornejo and Cedrick Lee and 5 or 6 other people. As days went by, the named people spoke and said that Vhomg raped Deniece that it is why he was mauled. And just two days ago, the CCTV footage shows what really happened. Opposing what Deniece and Cedrick told the interview.

Hope justice prevails and those ruthless persons be rotten in jail and pay for the set up/planned they did. They are so greedy of money to do that. Money dictates them everything. Haisttt.

And so it’s almost getting more than a week, let us turn away from showbiz news and focused on more important things. Focus on the goodness of everyone.

***pardon the misspelled words,  this post is written through Samsung S4***

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